Christina Tester

Christina Tester is a multi disciplinary artist who creates film, collage, photography and music, sharing her art sparingly with the public. Christina's projects combine a strong female sensibility with the chaos and vivid imagination that emanates from her core.


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Tester's short films have a memorising interplay of sound and image, often in the form of short non-narrative stop motion animation. Through the manipulation of everyday sounds and images she creates entirely new worlds, transporting the viewer to somewhere unknown yet somehow familiar.


tug or war collage2
Tester's prints take the form of photography and collage, showing emotional struggles and triumphs that connect with nature, womanhood and sexuality. Christina's prints are listed for purchase.


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Tester's music has taken the form of many projects. Christina has played in Baryshnikov, Gold Tango, Spite House, Hex on the Beach, and in the duo Stina and Cinta. Christina has also collaborated with Miles Brown and the Night Terrors, British house and techno producer Carl Cox in the song Kommen Zusammen, and others. Christina also has many diverse solo music projects.